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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday: Media Day

As the guy at the feed store said this morning, the day is "gray and groggy". So, let's just engage in a little local roundup and start the week in an upbeat way.

Asheville in The Wa Po
The Washington Post had an article about Asheville this past weekend. Entilted, "Asheville, NC Has a Song in its Heart", the focus was not so much on local music as it turns out.

The overview did mention the Friday Night Drum Circle, which in just couple of years went from nuisance to the official city calendar. But the remainder dealt with Biltmore House for the most part.

Madison County on DIY Network
Something that escaped our notice was the presence of the DIY Network in our own Madison County. Courtesy of Ashevegas, we learn about a home being built there and featured by DIY in the Little Pine area of the county.

Nice country up there in Little Pine which rises from The French Broad River. It's a bit riddled with stalled subdivisions these days including some Ted Turner money from what we have heard in the past. The area could use the boost is our feeling

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