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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday: Things We Read

Just a collection of items from online publications, no deep analysis.

Department of Odd Juxtapositions
The Wall Street Journal reports on declining divorce rates, apparently caused by the recession.
A May survey by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, a national organization for financial professionals who work on divorce cases, found that the recession was delaying divorces, and inspiring "creative divorce solutions" in living arrangements.
The Washington Post on the other hand notes that the national rate of household formation has dropped as a result of the recession.
Government data suggest that the recession has helped push down household formation. Between March 2007 and March 2008, the number of new households -- which is defined as any group of people sharing living arrangements -- grew by 772,000, to a total of 116.8 million, compared with an increase of 1.63 million a year earlier, Census Bureau data show.
Department of Mortgages
By way of Matrix, as many as one in four mortgage defaults are strategic in nature, wow. One of the functions in that study is the percentage loss of equity with falling home values.

What are the latest trends for defaults and delinquencies? We keep seeing that prime delinquencies are rising, and that loan modifications turn out to have a pretty high rate of redefault. Interesting chart on the matter here.

Home Values
A study of values getting a lot of exposure is this one from PMI Group, which examines more than 300 metropolitan statistical areas in the US.

The study assesses the risk of further price declines using percentiles. The study is short enough and can be read here, but the map gives a nice visual summary. As one would guess, red is high risk.

On The Local Scene
Harrah's Cherokee Casino bucks a trend and plans groundbreaking on a new 532 room luxury tower. Completion will be in 2012.

The Great Smokies, our national park gets ready to award stimulus funds to improve faciltities and the visitor experience.

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