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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greater Asheville News Bits

New Construction is Nice
The blog Ashevegas fills us in on a local development in The River Arts District that had escaped our notice.

An actual groundbreaking during tough economic times. This is welcome news for any neighborhood.

Phish Concert
As testament to the vibrant live music scene here, the city was abuzz this week for the long awaited and first ever Asheville appearance by the band Phish. Streets were closed and bus lines altered around The Asheville Civic Center as a crowd of around 10,000 convened. The Citizen Times takes a look at the event.

NC State Budget
The NC budget is a source of discussion and rancor these days, particularly the impact on education. In greater Asheville the topic was enough to draw more than 1,000 teachers, students, and parents to a local rally.

The Charlotte News & Observer outlines how the legislature is remaking portions of the tax code to avoid, or at least mitigate the shortfall in revenue.

In Madison County
The print edition of our county weekly also featured budget constraints and the impact on education. The main story online is the ongoing meetings regarding permits for a concrete plant outside the Town of Marshall, our county seat.

Easy General Economic Info
This is a fairly new site, maybe just a week or two old, but check out blytic. It's an utterly convenient tool for assessing the general economic conditions for places with which one is unfamiliar.

The amount of information for a location seems to be related to population density. Here are the current charts on file for Asheville, for Buncombe County, for Madison County, and Yancey County.

A user at blytic can even overlay charts, for example, Asheville unemployment vs previous recessions. Some of the data might be in arrears by a month from its official agency release, but nevertheless.

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