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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Existing Home Sales, May 2009

Reported yesterday with headlines such as, May Existing Home Sales Continue Rising Trend, or similar ones at Yahoo News, as a sign of stabilization.

The headlines compare May with April, 2009. A number of articles noted it was the third consecutive month of increases. One has to dig a little to see that existing home sales were around 3.6% less than 2008, and that sales rising over the previous month is the norm at this time of year.

The Context
The headlines might be called misleading because 33% of sales are distressed/foreclosed properties, the implications of that are obvious on the numbers. Maybe more important, certainly more basic, is that sales always rise from January though the summer, click for a great chart and commentary that demonstrate typical seasonality in real estate.

Oh would that it were different but from our perspective May was consistent with recent patterns, still down on a year to year basis, though by less.

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