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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Uniquely Asheville: Best Beer City

We have always referred to greater Asheville as "the hip, artsy, and eclectic hub of the region". There are many elements in such a description. How else can a place claim to be eclectic?

Just a few aspects we have covered range from Best Arts Destinations, to the notable concentration of working artists, designation as one of America's Best Outdoor Towns, or as the home of a Top 5 Music Venue, among others.

Asheville: Best Beer City USA
An area we have not touched upon is now especially current for Asheville, and that would be beer. out of Atlanta recently ran a spirited online poll to name America's Best Beer City.

In a down to the wire finish, Asheville shared the ultimate title with Portland, Oregon. Asheville's breweries have been profiled at least once before, here in The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Our friends at Carolina Mornings inform us that "Asheville has the highest amount of micro-breweries per capita than any other city in United States." With that in mind, let's round up...

Asheville's Essential Beer Links
Asheville Beer Blog
Bruisin' Ales: One of the Top Ten Bottle Shops in the US by Imbibe Magazine.
Brews Cruise: Profile in Greater Asheville beers.
Romantic Asheville: Provides a list to some of the more well known brew places in our fair city.
Classic City Brew: Provides its own list for Asheville, and a number of other beer cities.

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