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Friday, March 20, 2009

Asheville: The Friday News Dump

Here's a whole slew of news around greater Asheville of late.

On The Bright Side
*From the blog Ashevegas, we learn about several grants from the County Tourism Development Authority. Our Friday afternoon favorite would be money for an expansion at The Orange Peel, which was named in April by Rolling Stone Magazine, as one of the top 5 rock venues in the country.

*Again from Ashevegas, our fair city, known for its beer as much as anything else is up for online voting as the best beer city in America. Go here to vote.

*Wall Street in Asheville has always had a certain kind of ambiance. It's one of the places visitors enjoy. The Wall Street Journal ran a recent little feature, go here for some background and interactive elements.

On The Not So Bright Side
*Mountain Express informs us of a jump in the NC unemployment rate to 9.7%. Twelve of the eighteen western counties topped 10%:
The jobless rate in two-thirds of Western North Carolina counties topped 10 percent in January, the state Employment Security Commission reported Thursday.

The national unemployment rate in February was 8.1 percent, according to the national Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The Richmond Hill Inn, a long time centerpiece of tourism in the region was severely damaged this week by a fire of suspicious origin:
Investigators sent at least two samples to a state lab for testing, Buddy Thompson, director of the arson task force for the city and Buncombe County, said at 11 a.m. today.

A State Bureau of Investigation team assisting Thompson is using a dog trained to sniff out liquid petroleum products, such as gasoline, that could have been used to start the fire.

The historic inn building and surrounding complex were set to be sold April 16 on the courthouse steps because of an unpaid mortgage.
For Escapists
The NCAA, in conjunction with several sponsors is offering every Men's Basketball Tournament game in online video for free. The player even comes equipped with a handy "boss button".

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