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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

News Bits: On and Off The Radar

Off the Radar
*Some Good News! Subaru had a good year, from Time Magazine.
*The number of wives earning more than their husbands has doubled in the last two decades.
*Shopping online? a pretty obvious idea when you think about it. How to get better deals.

On The Radar
*The last index to be released in real estate each month is the Pending Home Sales Index, (PHSI). The November, 2008 reading set a new low.
*December retail sales from Calculated Risk, (always with nice graphs), and Business Week.

Finally On The Radar
*The Congressional Oversight Committee on TARP, (Troubled Assets Relief Program), released its second report. Simply amazing, or maybe not, Treasury doesn't have a strategy, or much else with respect to that $700 billion.
*Former Chief Economist of our national trade association admits he put spin on the data. Check out his track record at The Wall Street Journal, and the feature story from that same publication.

Surprising To See On The Radar
*In which we agree with Nixon Treasury Secretary George Schultz.

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