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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Regional Energy Projects Focus on Renewables

Not so long ago, with the onset of the winter heating season, we examined the costs of energy in greater Asheville. As a follow up, here are some recent regional developments on the electrical front.

Wind Power Comes to Madison County
Word of "the first rural wind power education program east of the Mississippi River" arriving in our own Madison County comes to us from the blog Ashevegas. Yes, by May of 2009, Madison High School will see the first of three turbines installed at county schools.

The project is small, with turbines in the 2 or 3 kw range, and the purpose is to put children face to face with future technologies. More can be found at the Progress Energy website.

World's Largest Residential Solar Array
Meanwhile, in Fletcher, south of Asheville:
The sun will heat and cool 400 units of what's being called the largest use of residential solar thermal technology in the country.
The article refers to a 38 acre, multi-use development where as much as 70% of electrical power will come from the solar arrays. The Asheville Citizen Times calls the installation the largest in the world.

Market Watch gives a complete rundown on the Fletcher project, while Mountain Express outlines this and other uses of solar, including the roof a local auto dealership at this location.

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