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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election: What's It Mean For Real Estate?

We offered some graphic snapshots for a new President yesterday about where we have been and where we are. We will leave the future to analysts more expert than ourselves. It's bigger than just real estate.

Business Week: Offers a three paragraph thumbnail of philosophies.

The Wall Street Journal: In their Real Time Economics section lists the key issues, and emphasizes the rapidity with which decisions will need to be made in the aptly titled "Next President Faces Uphill Battle".

Money CNN: Has one of the more expansive articles, and examines 5 key areas and issues faced by the new President, and what might occur. Senior writer at that publication , Jeanne Sahadi, zeroes in quite well on the policies and choices.

The Washington Post: Pretty much captures the theme in its title, "Hard Choices and Challenges Follow Triumph".

Money CNN: Defines the first job as picking a new Treasury Secretary, and mentions several possibilities. For real news junkies, find tons of cabinet speculation via Google News.

The Bottom Line?
Some say real estate blogs should be happy places. We do our best to present material, positive or negative, without emotion. So, realistically, the campaign will prove to be a cakewalk compared to the transition period, the next 75 days or so.

Last evening Tom Brokaw ran the litany of issues, from the credit crisis, to recession, rising unemployment, energy needs, failing banks, the big 3 automakers on the brink, and the two wars. He somberly went on to compare the present to 1941 in terms of the combined effort and immediacy that will be required here.

There has been a sense of pausing in the nation as the election drew near, to see what would happen. It is now time to move forward, and do what must be done.

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