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Friday, November 07, 2008

Asheville and the Weekend

Let's run down some news and a few things for the weekend in greater Asheville.

Department of Hmmm..
Bridge repairs on US 19/23, future I-26 West for the next 3 weekends. This is for folks traveling from Asheville to Weaverville. Might want to plan some extra time if this effects you.

Department of Elections
Yesterday we recapped how Asheville and the mountain counties voted. At that time, the outcome for the state was unofficial. Today, The Citizen Times reports that NC went to the Obama/Biden ticket, presumably by a very narrow margin.

Return of The Dual Film Festivals
With testimonials from no less than Ron Howard, the 6th annual Asheville Film Festival is in full swing. Schedule, accommodations and such can be found here.

And something that is classically Asheville in nature, it's the 3rd annual Asheville Rejects Film Fest. That would be for films rejected by another festival. Here is their website, with screen times, and full information. Enjoy.

Studio Stroll
How about strolling, or riding the trolley and finding some good food this weekend in Asheville's River Arts District? Haven't heard of it? Then check out the video tour here. Why not use November 8 and 9 to see why we call Asheville hip, artsy and eclectic? Map and directions here.

Department of Green Shopping
Needing an appliance? Starting today, the state has a holiday
...from state and local taxes on big-ticket items such as clothes washers, freezers, refrigerators and other appliances that carry the “Energy Star” label.
The holiday runs from today, through midnight Sunday. Visit: for more depth and information as to what the label energy star means.

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