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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Asheville and The Mountain Counties: How Did We Vote?

Most real estate websites, especially those in vacation markets like greater Asheville, will offer a section of links about living here. Often, this will include demographics. We have just such a page for ourselves.

Let's expand this idea, and examine how our three mountain counties voted on Tuesday.

As we write this, the final tally for NC remains unofficial, pending around 40,000 provisional ballots. The count for our state as a whole has been frozen with Obama/Biden holding a 12,000 vote lead, but neither ticket is over 50% of the popular vote. That's close, but how about locally?

Buncombe County
Buncombe, (pronounced bunk-come), is the most populous in the region. The county seat is Asheville, The Paris of the South, or as we like to call it, the hip, artsy, and eclectic hub of the area.

Election results for Buncombe show Obama/Biden by a margin of 56% to 42%. The electoral map, shows the areas closest to the city to be blue. For a real micro examination, here is the breakdown by polling station in Buncombe.

Madison County
Madison is our home county. The county line with Buncombe begins around 15 miles north of Asheville. Known as The Jewel of the Blue Ridge, we are more rural and less populous.

Election results for Madison show a very close race, with the McCain/Palin ticket coming out on top by 50% to 48.4%, but a sweep for Democratic candidates in all the the partisan races.

In terms of numbers for President, this translates to a margin of 164 votes. The electoral map with its red and blue shows the even distribution.

For a closer look, here is the breakdown by voting station. Knowing all the townships, this is a fun exercise, but it would also give visitors an idea as to the relative size of the parts of our county.

Yancey County
Yancey County, being the gateway to Mount Mitchell, is gorgeous terrain. In the presidential race for Yancey, McCain/Palin came out on top, by approximately 52% to 46%, a reverse of the national numbers. In terms of votes, that is a margin of around 550 votes.

The electoral map shows the red/blue distribution, and here are the results by polling station for those interested.

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