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Friday, October 10, 2008

Asheville & Beyond: Friday Quick News

Just some quick outsourcing for Friday, the weekend is upon us.

Public Service Announcement: New Virus Tactic
It is being reported by ABC, among others that, a clever virus is circulating via email which directs users to some bogus, but very convincing Youtube pages.

In election season, chain emails are of course making the rounds, but be aware. Readers have probably received an email or two with subject headings such as "must see this video", and so on.

In short, the page will play the correct video, but directs the user to first download a software update in order to view. It is here that the malicious code is hidden.

Asheville Gasoline and Foliage Update
Spotty supplies are expected for another week or so. We have wide ranges in prices, and in our own town of Mars Hill, the most common experience is that only one grade is available. The average price in Asheville yesterday was around $3.75/gallon. In Madison County, one can still pay $4.10/gallon.

Bottom line, availability is no longer a huge issue, but if you are planning to visit, purchase outside of the region for significant savings. By all means check out the latest color forecast from Ashevegas.

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