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Friday, September 19, 2008

Asheville's Two Droughts

Yep, we've had a pair of droughts here lately, one having to do with gasoline, and the other with water. The first is ending, and the latter improving.

About That Gasoline
We have followed the impacts of Hurricane Ike on the Asheville gasoline situation for some days now, and it is thankfully dissipating. In short, our mountain terrain poses distribution issues that have magnified the Gulf of Mexico disruptions for retail gasoline supplies locally.

For those thinking of driving to Asheville this weekend, The Citizen Times points out savings of around $0.22/gallon if one were to fill up in Charlotte, Greenville, SC, or Johnson City, TN on your way here. AAA Carolinas summarizes:
“You can’t find every grade at every station,” he said. “The outages are sporadic, and fuel is usually findable. It may not be on the first stop.”
Stay in touch with local gasoline prices at this link.

And The Other Drought

Despite an uptick in recent rains, the mountains remain in extreme drought. This is however an improvement from the more serious exceptional drought designation we experienced as recently as last month.

The city has managed well and no restrictions are in effect, while The French Broad River has more than doubled its historic low flows in August.

An odd but intuitive side effect to the drought is that initial forecasts call for Autumn colors to be early, and brilliant. We will certainly keep you posted on that.

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