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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Asheville's Gas Crunch: A Modest Proposal

Sometimes, when the media gives a name to an ongoing situation, it really is the stamp of authenticity instead of hype. The local TV station, among others, have dubbed the current gasoline shortage, "Panic at the Pump". It even has its own logo in the WLOS reports.

As far as gasoline in the Western mountains goes, with the Governor involved, accidents reported from long lines of vehicles in the street, people unable to get to work, public transportation impacted, and another 10 days in front of us, that's pretty authentic.

The Odd-Even Solution
With motorists described as swarming to any location with fuel, and at least one local blogger calling for rationing, it's time to unearth a 34 year old solution that will have a more immediate impact, at least on the buying process, than appeals for more supplies.

Simply, vehicles with even numbered license plates would fuel on even numbered calendar days, and vice-versa. There is room here sure, for drivers to circumvent, (we won't go into that), but the majority effect is worth it.

WLOS TV Videos

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