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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Asheville News: Updates and Outsourcing

About Local Gasoline
Seems the worst of Hurricane Ike's impact on the region has passed in terms of gasoline supplies here. We still see locations limiting the size of purchase, ($50.00), or with only one grade of fuel for sale, but improving daily.

In Other News
Gasoline Nationally:
The "Out of Gas" signs are not uncommon in other parts of the country as well. Prices are up in the near term until refineries gear back up, but down from July by more than 6%. There has been, not surprisingly, a months long trend now for Americans to consume less.

Crude Oil:
More than $50/bbl off of its high, but inventories are in the lower half of the normal range.

Housing Starts:
Lowest point since 1991, 66% below the peak in January, 2005. With the problem of excessive inventories this is a logical and long standing trend for builders. The cumulative result is that 2008 may well be the lowest year for starts since 1945. Drastic times require drastic measures if we are to see equilibrium return to housing markets.

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