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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asheville Gasoline Supplies at "Reduced Rates"

Further to the local gasoline shortages, The Asheville Citizen Times reports today that:
The Colonial Pipeline, the main artery for fuel coming into the Carolinas, reopened Sunday, but gas supplies remained spotty throughout the mountains Monday and likely will for another week or so.
Here is a map of the Colonial that makes it easy to see how Asheville would be impacted. The pipeline is reopened, but at a "reduced rate".

Digging a little deeper, to see just what that rate might be, it's pretty surprising that even the US Department of Energy, in its latest hurricane update won't get any more specific. The blog Ashevegas gives us perspective noting that local prices are the second highest in the nation.

In case you're planning a trip for the weekend, one can keep track of Asheville retail gasoline prices here. Readers will note a range of $3.99/gallon to a high of $4.59/gallon.

It was routine for us in Madison County to be paying $3.59/gallon one week ago. Let's hope for a return to that, soon.

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thats a great link to NC gas prices - thanks for the tip!

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