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Monday, August 18, 2008

Asheville: Drought Update

After brief summer hiatus, let us get back on top of a few local items for those interested.

The Drought
The French Broad River, is both ancient, and our largest waterway here in the mountains. Recent water levels there are only around 15% of normal for this time of year. This is the lowest level since record keeping began in 1895, and the majority of Western North Carolina is now in the exceptional drought category.

The City of Asheville is not under any current water restrictions, and by most reports appears to have adequate resources. In Madison County, we have only three incorporated towns, meaning that the majority of homeowners get water from private wells or springs. There have been no reports of any troubles with this type of arrangement, or with community water systems in subdivisions.

In The Town of Marshall however, one of its wells went offline last week, prompting a flurry of meetings and measures. The town has two wells in reserve, and a proposal to drill a new well in the works. Here is a brief look at neighboring towns and counties, who all seem to be coping well. Pun unintended.

Water and Tourism
Water and tourism are inextricably mingled here, with the popularity of fishing and white water rafting. Around 500,000 people raft somewhere in Western NC in a typical year. There are still good white water adventures left in the region. Go here for a complete explanation, and a rundown of the five rivers closest to Asheville.

Or, just eliminate water dependency from your plans, and take advantage of the more than 2,000 miles of hiking and biking trails in the region.

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