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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bears in the Neigborhood

Living in the mountains means that wildlife is close by. In the case of deer, the perception is usually benign, but lately, it's the bears that are making news:
According to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, the bear population in Western North Carolina has grown in recent years, along with the simultaneous encroachment of humans into bears’ natural habitats...
The growth in population, and the impact of our drought on normal food sources has forced our furry companions into even closer proximity of late. Bears eat food too.

Living With Bears
Some essential information for coexisting with bears includes, taking care with the management of garbage around the house. Bird feeders can also act as lures to these mountain inhabitants. In the case of closer encounters, here are some essential links:

Black Bear Facts, from NC
Even more black bear facts, from
Coexisting with, and encountering black bears, from The Wildlife Conservation Society
Behavior around bears, from the Western North Carolina Nature Center

Enjoy the closeness to wildlife, but be aware and informed.

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