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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Asheville: Latest Real Estate Statistics

The Asheville Citizen Times reported "mostly dismal results" for Western North Carolina real estate markets during June, 2008.

The largest of our five local counties, Buncombe, showed a 36.3% decline in home sales, with almost a 15% decline in prices versus June, 2007.

Outside of Buncombe, things were slightly worse, with the composite numbers for the 5 counties showing sales down 39.6%. Statewide, sales checked in with a 26.9% decline. So unfortunately, we are around half again as bad as the whole of North Carolina.

Why Might That Be So?
*For a long time conventional wisdom has said that Asheville relies on other areas as feeders for its buyers. We wrote in detail about the mechanisms at work there. None of these have moved into positive territory.

*Gasoline has altered patterns for both tourism and real estate buyers. Neither of those factors would favor an increase in buyers.

*To a large extent, we are an area that caters to second homes and retirement places. In our county, there was one private study indicating that 80% of activity was in second homes.

There are local variations, but by and large, these are discretionary purchases. There is evidence that the baby boomer demographic, seen as critical to resort markets is pulling back.

*And in general, the belief that the market bottom is a ways off yet.

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