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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Asheville: Fine Wines, Wineries, and Tours

North Carolina is getting quite a name for itself as a state for fine wines. Seems that we have become:
...the 10th largest producer of both grapes and wine in the United States.
In fact, The Tar Heel State is now one of the top five destinations for wine and culinary tourism, and a large part of this activity is located in greater Asheville.

Downtown, it is now the exception when a local venue does not proudly feature NC wines. The industry has even grown to the extent that Appalachian State University has proposed a degree in wine production.

So, Asheville, The Paris of the South, has acquired yet another aspect to add to its hip and eclectic identity. Let's look a little more closely on behalf of readers who are unfamiliar.

Wine in Asheville Proper
With the peak of summer upon us, local attractions, including wines and wineries deserve to be mentioned here. Asheville's flagship destination, The Biltmore House, has an extensive winery in place, and has garnered an array of awards.

If something more low key suits your fancy, then would be visitors can stay in touch with more intimate Asheville wine events, at this location.

Region Wide Wines and Wineries
Maybe, like the characters in the movie Sideways, your own winery driving tour sounds like a good way to spend a day? It's quite easy to get out of the city, get a feel for the region, and sample some fine wines, all at the same time.

The website maintains a useful list of nearby wineries. This is done in a Google maps format, very handy for driving directions, and a day in the countryside!

For a more ready made driving tour, we also have The Yadkin Valley Wine Trail, scroll down for a list of these wineries, located just a bit north of Ashevegas.

Not Visiting Asheville or Western North Carolina? A complete list of NC wineries, east or west, is provided by way of


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