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Friday, June 27, 2008

More on Gasoline, Walkability, and Segways

Just expanding a couple of recent articles posted here.

We wrote on Tuesday about some of the useful and odd things that come about when higher gasoline prices intersect with housing and automobiles. One item we discussed was the website, as a tool for folks maybe shopping in the housing market. Asheville scored quite well.

In a week when crude oil subsequently poked its head above $140/bbl for the first time, it proved to be a timely story. Inman offers more on the recent popularity of the site, and details on how to interpret your own "walk score".

And in Related News
In one of our weekend "things to do" articles, we mentioned that The NC Arboretum in Asheville was now offering an option to tour the famed facility on a Segway Personal Transporter. That sounded pretty fun to us.

Turns out those curious 2 wheeled scooters, launched in 2001, are another another beneficiary, (or is it solution?), to burgeoning motor fuel prices. The Wall Street Journal provides some background, as does CBS News.

Below is a 2 minute 25 second video of what they look like in action. Pretty interesting if you have never seen one up close.

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