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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Asheville: They're Back...17 Year Cicadas

The 17 year cicadas are quite the topic among Asheville's citizens and media lately. Sometimes called the 17 year locust, (they are not locusts), it is the noise they make that is most notable.

Indeed, The Asheville Citizen Times calls their appearance a "noisy party". Cicadas mate, once every 17 years. The noise in question is thousands of males luring the females of the species. After mating, the larvae burrow into the ground for another 17 years, only to emerge once more, for another "party".

Glenn Palmer, a Master Gardener
with the Buncombe County Center of The NCSU Extension service elaborates on their curious life cycle, and the fact that damage is minimal. Pretty much limiting itself to a few extra dead branches in our yards in the fall.

The phenomenon is known to be quite localized, and one doesn't hear them at all North of Asheville, and above 2,500 feet or so. The noisy males are most often described as sounding like aliens, or alien ships. Likely, this is based on our impressions from science fiction movies

By all means, don't miss the aptly named website Cicada Mania, and especially, this photo of the little guys.

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