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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Asheville: From Housing to Gasoline to Precious Metals?

There have been a number of stories recently examining the impact of gasoline prices on housing. The major observation is intuitive; that gasoline squeezes budgets, and thus influences consumer choices and housing markets in suburbia.

The Wall Street Journal, and a host of others have summarized the issue. We will turn our attention to some ancillary aspects, ranging from the utilitarian, to the odd and amusing.

When the cost of motor fuels, combined with a desire for an active lifestyle become more important to buyers, the web based tool, has gotten a fair amount of exposure. As the name implies, the site allows users to enter an address, a zip, or even a whole city to get, you guessed it, a "walkscore".

The walkability of Asheville is well known to locals. It's one of the things we love about our fair city. Not to disappoint, downtown garners a perfect score of 100. The more residential, and slightly North Asheville Zip Code, 28801, gets an 88. We feel preetty good about that. How does your neighborhood measure up?

How's My Driving?
It's become useful these days to recall that how we drive influences MPG. Instead of writing about it though, here is short video, (3 minutes 30 seconds), that looks at a number of auto efficiency items.

It's a good discussion of MPG realities vs myths, such as tire pressure, spark plugs, and the ever popular question, windows up with the AC on, or not?

A New Way to Drill for Energy Independence
With the inflation adjusted price for gasoline at all time highs, the phrase drilling for oil has taken on new meaning. USA Today, among others, have reported a new "fad", where thieves drill or puncture the gasoline tanks of parked vehicles to steal the contents.

That all a sounds a bit messy or unhealthy to do, but this much makes sense; the automobiles most vulnerable will be those with a high ground clearance, and plastic tanks. Wonder what kind of tanks are on our cars?

By the way, you can find Asheville gasoline prices here.

In Other News: The Smart Money is in Platinum
Platinum, a component of catalytic converters is apparently trading at a lucrative $2,252/ounce. Proving that there is a market for just about everything, using a cordless hacksaw to steal the catalytic converter from your parked car is a new entrepreneurial endeavor.

This unique way to trade precious metals won't fetch you a down payment for a house though, the devices go for around $100 each at local scrapyards. Depending on your make, model and year, replacing one ranges from a few hundred to $2,000.

Here is what The Asheville Citizen Times has to say about local conditions. Again, the high ground clearance of SUV's and pick-ups make an attractive target.

As we said at the outset, from utilitarian to just plain odd.

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