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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Asheville: Artists Working in the Vortex

In casual conversation it's not uncommon to hear Asheville referred to as a vortex that attracts various types of people and tastes.

"Oh yeah", someone might say, "Asheville is a real vortex for kayakers." One could insert any number of other "types" here, from hikers, bikers, to new agers, baby boomers, and more.

The Asheville Citizen Times reported recently, without using the word, and not surprisingly, that we are a vortex for working artists as well.
"The Asheville metro area is among the top 50 metro areas in the United States for the number of artists as a percentage of the overall work force, according to a new report."
The report was prepared by The National Endowment for the Arts, and is confirmation of what we intuitively know. There sure are a lot of artists around here.

You simply cannot walk within two blocks of Pack Square, arguably the heart of downtown, without passing multiple galleries, craft shops, and live music venues. The choices almost overwhelm.

There is however, a useful distinction to be made about Asheville's standing within the report. Artists across the nation remain concentrated in highly urban areas, and Ashevegas, with a workforce of 115,000 occupies the low end of urban in the study.

As such, it is the flavor of the place that is important to note. It's probably obvious, but Asheville doesn't have the concentration of the top 20 cities. Our region is much closer in tone to other, more intimate vortexes like Charlottesville, VA, Portland, ME, Burlington, VT, Missoula, MT, Eugene, OR, and so on.

When we built our real estate website, it was a given that our links about living here would have an entire section devoted to arts and culture. You can get there from this blog if you wish.

Meanwhile, here are just a few quick web resources in that vein.
List of Galleries, from Romantic Asheville.
Your Art Gallery "fix" from The Citizen Times.
Asheville Art Museum
Asheville Area Arts Council
Take 5: From The Citizen Times
Mountain Express: The News and Arts Weekly

The NEA report can be seen here, it is number 48.

Happy gallery hopping, see some live music, and have fun!

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