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Monday, March 03, 2008

Springtime in Asheville: Initial Landscaping Resources

As winter fades, like the thoughts of young men whose fancy turns to love, so it is for gardeners, whose thoughts turn to, well, seed catalogs.

For avid diggers in the dirt, the daily mail brings new delights. As companies become more Web-oriented however, the opportunity to actually see plants and flowers online is a welcome benefit.

For Novices
Spring Hill Nursery is well known nationwide and they are especially helpful for novices. There is a nice tool bar on their website for any needs from shrubs, to bulbs, hedges, trees, and vines.

For some commonly used plants around the home such as tulips, daffodils and such and Michigan have great selections and money back guarantees!

Tools of the Trade
No garden planning would be complete without a few tools or some garden and yard art; among the best and newest are found at Gardeners' Supply Company.

Heirloom and Native Plants
One of our newest finds is a company that specializes in rare seeds and heirloom plants. We had been looking for a name for a particular annual vine, and has proven to be a valuable resource for homeowners with such needs.

We have written a few times in the past about the values of using native plants for one's mountain home, and Gardens of the Blue Ridge is a fine answer to such matters.

They specialize in plants native to the mountains, including an extensive collection of wildflowers. For additional information on gardening with native plants, the N.C. Botanical Gardens is always a good bet.

Fruit Trees and Groundcover
Looking for fruit trees? Stark Brothers or have wonderful selections, and will even help you pick the right ones for your zone. They each have extensive collections of vegetable and herb seeds as well, should you ever decide to grow a Victory Garden.

Classy Ground, a N.C. nursery, specializes in seeds and suggestions for every situation, from dry, to shady, boggy, wet, dry or steep. That covers most anything you might find in our part of the world, and beyond.

Hard to Find Plants
We have had good results with a small nursery in Washington State for some hard to find items, such as Harry Lauders’ Walking Stick. Burnt Ridge Nursery specializes in trees and plants from a climate similar to ours; enough so that their plants will (usually) grow here in the mountains.

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