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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Boomer Fun: The 1958 Edsel

Thursday is baby boomer fun day here, no real estate so here goes...

1958, yep fifty years ago, was the first full model year for the infamous Edsel automobile by Ford. Ford introduced the car on September 4, 1957 with great fanfare, including an hour long TV special, The Edsel Show.

The car was of course, a famous failure and the end of the Edsel was announced on November 13, 1959. Interestingly, 1960 Edsel models were merged into the Mercury division giving us what ultimately became, the Mercury Comet.

Essential Edsel Links
Hub Cap Cafe: Photos not only of vintage Edsels, but a car buff's wonderland. Has a fun dealer locator, sometimes with period photos of the Edsel dealership that was in your hometown. Amusing aside, their home page says "last updated April 13, 1958".

Let's end this week's installment with a 1 minute commercial for the 1958 Edsel. Personally, not a bad looking car despite history's judgment.

ENJOY; 1 minute length

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