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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Off The Beaten Path: Strategies for Sellers

In a market such as this, with a multitude of sellers and low demand, prices must decline. That's what we learned as far back as grammar school, right?

Yes, the housing market is difficult. For a year now, inventories have grown as sales have declined. On this blog we have analyzed those items each month in a straightforward supply/demand methodology, check out our archives.

What follows is a small collection of alternative stories that might border on the fallacy of anecdotal evidence as proof, rather than logical analysis. Nevertheless, let's take a look, at least for some entertainment if not some thoughts to ponder.

Accentuate the Negative
The NY Times, examines selling a home with the philosophy of being frank about what is wrong with the dwelling:
Instead of highlighting a home’s attractive features, some sellers are going straight to the bad news, advertising houses as being ugly, having sinkholes or even smelling bad, with the thought that sellers who are forthcoming about a property’s flaws may find buyers eager for a deal.
There may be some intuitive sense in this tactic. Advertisements and listings for homes and land are normally filled with superlatives, to the point where the mind becomes saturated, and the adjectives become meaningless. Not every home can be the best.

Speaking personally, a seller of anything who is honest about the flaws would carry some credibility, though empirical proof as a viable selling strategy would be difficult to come by. Seller's beware. By all means check out one of the websites mentioned in that article, The Worst House in Edina.

Find Some History, Name Your Home?
We are probably all familiar with the notion of naming one's vacation home. This is a practice that has been around for decades indeed, but what is the value of this in a slow housing market? Steve Bailey at The New York Times addresses this notion:
Real estate agents seem to agree that having a name can make a property stand out in a multiple listing, but that it doesn’t add value unless it’s part of an interesting history.
Further Oddities
Go here, to read about in the home showers for pets, and other off the beaten path items about selling in a tough market, some amusing stuff.

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