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Monday, December 17, 2007

Asheville Vacation Homes: Closing Up For Winter?

The NY Times last week ran an article about how to winterize vacation homes. This is quite topical as Thanksgiving has passed, the first snowfall has arrived, and and the Winter Solstice is upon us.

That piece of writing concerns itself with a fairly basic question, as to shutting a vacation home down partially or completely. It's a decent primer, but in our opinion scratches the surface only, so we decided to provide some added resources below.

From Do It Yourself dot com, is a handy checklist that deals with water, appliances, heat sources, and rodents.

The Friendly Plumber provides some added depth, about, what else, plumbing.

The House Doctor from Newsday, has a decent article that looks at programmable thermostats and other forms of technology.

Speaking of technology, we ran an article about a year ago on the various 21st century methods to monitor one's home away from home via the Internet. This seems obvious in the era of high speed connections, and the eligibility for insurance discounts afforded by such systems is often overlooked.

The NY Times Travel Section offers a kind of reverse point of view, with this article on how to handle one's primary home before taking that winter vacation. Ski season is with us after all.

And lastly, the ubiquitous Elizabeth Weintraub offers this analysis for winterizing homes.

The payback here, with any of these measures are, possible insurance savings, not to mention energy dollars, and most importantly, peace of mind.

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