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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Asheville: Christmas Tree Disposal

Yep, 2007 is set to become driest on record in Asheville. "The 2007 cumulative rainfall amount of 20.77 inches will handily undercut the previous record, set in 1925. Normal rainfall is 37.32 inches, a deficit of 44%.

We have covered the drought all year in terms of home gardening, recreation and water related topics. A statewide burning ban remains in effect, so burning trees is NOT an option. For more go to

How to Deal With Christmas Trees After the Season
Recycling the tree is an easy option. Use the link to find a recycling location near you by zip or town, or one can use this finder from The National Christmas Tree Association.

From Asheville's Mountain Express, here is information for those who live in the city proper.

Dealing with Christmas tree waste, with a little do it yourself flavor, finding a few uses for that tree around the home.

Finally, the web portal offers an extensive page about reusing, disposing, and recycling trees.

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