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Friday, November 30, 2007

Second Homes & Ski Season Rentals

The NY Times, (registration maybe required), ran an article recently that looks at second home rentals as ski season approaches. The major points there have all been addressed by our blog in the past, but a recap might well be in order.

As a primary issue, The Times looks at location. This is elementary enough, and simply means "being on or near the slopes". The article continues:
Once you’ve got the location down, consider the extras. Your renters will. Multiple bedrooms, a hot tub and a fireplace are big draws in the ski market. “The traveling public today wants more amenities,” said Ken Libby, who owns Stowe Realty in Vermont. “They want flat-screen TVs, hot tubs, big bathrooms. So if you’ve got an older house and expect to make income with it, you have two choices: fix it up or accept less money.”
We wrote about the importance of amenities and second home rentals back in June, 2007, looking at many of the most popular improvements that will set your second home apart in the market.

As final matter, The Times discusses the good and the bad regarding property/rental managers. This is a big impact on annual income from a second home, as much as 50%. Using a rental firm or not would vary if one is seeking income vs. simply defraying the costs of second home ownership.

Our blog recently addressed the basic economics of Asheville second home rentals, potential income, and property managers at this location. Do it yourself landlords would be well served to take a peek at this prior article from Black Bear Realty.

Check out our full archives of second home issues and insights including tips for insurance, security and many other topics, and keep track of Western North Carolina ski conditions, here.

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