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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some News to Ponder, A Little Fun & A Little More News

News from some various departments within our vast Asheville and regional real estate conglomerate that might be of interest.

From The Department of Nostalgia: Levittown,PA, the birth of modern, affordable middle class suburbia in post war America turns 60 years old this month. Cape Cods, there were 17,544 of them, originally sold for $6,990. It is said today, that a home here cannot be had for under $400,000.

From The Department of Credit, As many as 80% of credit reports in the US may contain errors. It has long been accepted that persons should check their credit reports annually for just such a reason. Go to the FTC website for how to get your free credit reports.

From The Department of Second Homes & Forecasting, a new bill is moving through committee in the House that may have a negative impact on second homeowners.

From The Department of Risk Management, Insurance on your landscaping? For some maybe so. This article has some questions to ask about your current policies to assess if any action needs to be taken.

From The Department of Media: This video from The Today Show has made the rounds in the real estate community. 5 minutes 15 seconds, of Jim Cramer from Mad Money, with Matt Lauer and Charles MacMillan of the NAR, who has a tough road ahead as 2008 President-Elect. Unfortunately, there's not much beyond minutiae to support him as things stand now.

Winning Quote:
Cramer (paraphrased): Charles has to sell people real estate, I have to save people's money, and I cannot do that by recommending buying real estate.

From The Department of History, Past headlines from NAR press releases and housing forecasts, basically what Cramer meant when he said NAR was irresponsible by having been "consistently positive in the worst market I've seen."

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