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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Uh Oh, It's September: Part 2 - Log Home Maintenance for Fall


We recently looked at Autumn home maintenance tips for houses of any construction type. Today, with their great popularity in Asheville, we will examine and present a series of resources, specifically for log homes.

It is actually somewhat difficult to find online resources for log homes that are not simply shallow articles, embedded in a commercial, want to sell you something kind of website. We have endeavored here to find good depth from non commercial sources whenever possible.

Our previous posting on log homes can be found here. This was a more basic primer which covered everything from the myths and pitfalls design, to ideas for decorating and even living "off the grid".

So what about maintaining that log home?
Log homes should follow the same kinds of checklists as normal homes, but with some added thoughts.

Jim Cooper on general log home maintenance. The article covers the all important design phase, where many subsequent maintenance problems can be avoided. His closing statement is illustrative:
If perfection is your goal, doors that never stick, floors that remain perfectly level, follow maintenance recommendations to the letter. But if you are a casual kind of person who is not offended by a slight swell in a floor or a doorjamb out of square, be comforted that a log home can often absorb more maintenance neglect without showing it than can a conventional house. (Emphasis Added).
Jim Cooper's complete archives from

This fall checklist from is quite basic, but pays particular attention to corners and chinking, with tips you may not have realized.

Next, from The Log Homes Council: This page is a series of links to publications in PDF format. The articles provided cover everything from appraisal to the prevention of air or water infiltration. The resource on the performance of log walls in the event of fire, a genuine winter time concern, is somewhat rare to see online, and worth a look.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Log Homes: This timely cold weather resource is courtesy of our tax dollars and the US Department of Energy. With the recent behavior of energy markets, it might well be time to incorporate some of the items here into any fall log home maintenance program.

Along the same lines, from Easy Log, we have "17 Tips for Energy Efficiency". This is a great list that actually encompasses the design process as well long term, ongoing maintenance. Something not often mentioned is the idea of using trees and shrubs as wind breaks. So before building that log home and going for the big view, consider the prevailing winds as well as your energy dollar.

From Sashco, a builder in Brighton, CO, this is a handy chart format of problems and solutions for log home infrastructure issues.

Lastly, all that you ever wanted to know, and more, about chinking. So many joints and interfaces in these kinds of structures, better pay attention.

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