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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Home Inspections: Introduction


This article has been guest posted by:
Don Miller, Owner of:
WNC, (That's Western North Carolina), Inspections

Your Largest Purchase
A large purchase can be exciting, but can be difficult work indeed. One must sift through large amounts of information, be willing to compromise, perhaps deal with unreasonable people, and finally, at some point, you put your money on the line.

You've narrowed it down to one home and have come to an agreement with the seller. Chances are the price is at your upper limit of your resources. The last thing you need is a big financial surprise after you take ownership. A home inspection can reveal current problems that may not be obvious.

What Do Inspections Cover?
Did you know, that aside from looking at "the house" that inspections can reveal potential problems by identifying such things as aged equipment, average life expectancy, and factory recalls? Hopefully, your Realtor or agent, has protected you with a contingency clause that not only allows an inspection, but also offers the chance to "bail" if the hidden defects are too costly to repair.

Protect yourself have a quality home inspection and purchase the insurance that protects appliances and structure. It is usually available at this stage of home buying, (if not already provided by the seller), and in my opinion, well worth it.

Is an Inspection Always Needed?
So, when not to inspect? Never! Previous owners may have done repairs that aren't safe, amateurish, or were not done with the proper permit thereby avoiding municipal inspection.

Even new construction can be imperfect; have hidden flaws, or functional failure. Be advised, neither municipal building inspectors nor mortgage appraisers do the work that a home inspector does.

Guest Posted By:
Don Miller
NC Inspector #2620
WNC Inspections Inc

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