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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Building a Second Home: Thoughts and Links


Just a brief post for today...

Amy Gunderson, second home specialist at The NY Times has lately addressed the topic for the day, building a second home, at this location. (Registration perhaps required). Her article entitled "Building From The Ground Up", delves into the basics of looking for land and knowing your covenants, restrictions, and protections in advance.

Zoning and covenants may have special applicability with respect to terrain and setbacks, which will obviously lessen the amount of usable land, as she states:
That said, a seemingly grand one-and-a-half acre lot can seem cramped.

(and later in the article)......

Both a landscape designer and an architect can help not only to craft a vision of what can be built on the property and how views can be captured but also to estimate the cost of preparing the site for building, from the actual home construction costs to the price tag for a gravel driveway.
Elementary Ideas
These are fairly elementary ideas that are part and parcel of the search process. We thought it would be appropriate to provide some added resources and thoughts on a more or less step by step basis.

Breaking Ground: Choosing the Builder and Lot: From the DIY Network, covers the baiscs from looking for a lot, to permits, surveyors and choosing a builder.

Review the entire series on building from the DIY Network at this location: Numerous links to items such as, the footprint of the home, plumbing, wiring, lighting, decorating, and troubleshooting.

Do You Need an Architect?: From the Zillow Wiki, a set of thoughts to determine the necessity of an architect, and suggested criteria for choosing the best ones.

Once the question of land and the home's design are settled, attention must go to choosing a builder, with suggested tip located here, and here.

Lastly, one must understand the types of contractors in the world, and absorb ideas about working with contractors.

Double lastly, some humor, a list of 10 movies to watch before remodeling, (or building), your home.

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