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Monday, August 20, 2007

Visiting Asheville: Now is Best?


An acquaintance in the tourism industry once said about late August and the fall:
"Now is the best time of year to visit, and to work in tourism. June 15th to August 15th is just something you endure, and try and make your customers think you're in a great mood."
Why is that? More importantly, how significant is it?

The answer is simple enough. School is out in most areas of the country from mid June until mid August, and families with children have little choice on timing their vacation. Outside of this time frame however, there are less visitors. What may not be known is the nature and the extent of impact for this fact.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Asheville or Any Tourist Destinations After Mid August
1) Less Crowded, More Enjoyable
Tourism numbers follow a bell curve, and that curve is steep, far beyond intuition. Overnight, numbers will rise on June 15th, and drop on August 15th by 50%, or even more. The contrast is bliss for you and for staff.

2) Lower Prices and Discounts
Tourist attractions are filled to near capacity for the 60 days of mid summer. There is no reason to expect discounted rates at those times. Competition and lower rates kick in prior to June 15th and after August 15th. Who can argue with a bargain?

3) Staff is Better Rested: Means A Higher Quality Experience for You
This may be the biggest, though not often stated benefit. Attractions operate in mid summer in a mass production, stay on schedule, maximize revenue kind of mindset. Staff is raggedly tired.

This is a necessary part of being in the business, and to still provide a quality product for the huge number of visitors. The result however is less personal and more hurried by comparison.

In the off seasons, the result for you will likely be extra attention, more genuine enthusiasm and interest from your guide or staff, and an experience with greater depth, duration and enjoyment.

4) Everything is Open
With few exceptions, the full menu of summer activities and destinations remain in operation, just as when the peak of visitors is here in mid season.

5) The Weather is Still Great
The average daily temperature for the month of September in Asheville is 66degrees F, which means 70's and 80's in the daytime, still plenty of summer left.

A little insight, hopefully informative, from former tourism insiders.

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