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Friday, August 31, 2007

Uh Oh, It's September: Fall Home Maintenance Lists


Yup, It's going to turn to September tomorrow. The weather in the Asheville area will remain quite nice for awhile, even for suntans and swimming. Sooner than we think though, it will be mid October, and those Autumn, get ready for winter kinds of things could be behind schedule.

So, here will be a collection of resources and lists to replace that one you had last year for things to do for your home before winter.

From This is a great web page. It is actually a kind of master list for home maintenance and well worth keeping. The categories are listed not only for fall, but year round. Most of the items are good quick reads, but with a wealth of thought.

The page is broken out by month, and also by area of the home. Use these links for their September projects, and October items for attention. It's nice to stagger these tasks.

Don't forget those chimneys and fireplaces which are so popular here in Asheville. On our blog as well did an article about fireplaces here, where we covered everything from efficiency to safety.

From do it A nice list of ten items or so, most of these are easy to do including the all important smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Ah, those pesky batteries. gives us "The Top 4 Fall Projects": All for less than $500.00. This could just as well be a set of projects for would be sellers on a budget. Personal favorite - Hire a Handyman.

From State Farm Insurance: It is fairly certain that their corporate self interest corresponds with the personal self interest of our readers.

From The National Association of Home Builders: This is not a list of maintenance items per se, but their archive of articles for home infrastructure issues in general. Personal favorite - with winter weather - Disaster Preparation.

In the coming days, we will look at some specifics for log home maintenance. These are exceedingly popular in Asheville and its environs, but have certain distinct considerations in terms of being winter ready.

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