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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mountain Landscaping in Asheville, Mars Hill, NC & Wolf Laurel

Landscaping is part and parcel of a home's value. Information about it therefore pertains to buyers, sellers and homeowners, and is topical for any real estate blog. The literature these days is fueled by the housing slowdown and filled with landscaping advice that enhances a home's value and marketability.

Favor Native Species
For mountain landscaping, our own in house landscape artist advises the use of native plants. When the four main advantages of this choice are pointed out, the option becomes clear and obvious as the best way to go. First, native plants live here on their own, and as such are low maintenance vegetation for the grounds around one's mountain home. Second, with a natural habitat, native plants will provide good soil stabilization for less than level mountain properties.

The last two benefits are that these will provide ground cover for local animals, and the choice will eliminate the risk of inadvertently planting exotic, invasive, and ultimately unwanted species. In summary, native plants are easy to keep, stabilize soil, not disruptive of habitats, and help local animals. Sounds like a good philosophy all around, and a nice buying or selling point for a home.

Here are some outbound links that may assist buyers or sellers looking to add value, or for satisfied mountain homeowners:

From A web portal that helps the homeowner develop a list of regional species, and provides further philosophical background.

From NC State University: Our well known agricultural school, this comes from the Department of Horticulture, and provides resources on everything from shrubs, to vines, annuals, and perennials that thrive in NC habitats.

From Covers animals, trees, and visitation opportunities for exhibits and displays in the mountains of Western NC and East TN.

From TVA: A native plant selector, including information on light, soil, and water conditions for the best native species for soil stabilization.

Local Gardener: Mountain and drought specific tips, yes, the drought in NC persists as this is written.

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