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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Manspace: Dad's Workshop is Reborn & Renamed


Ward Cleaver had his study, as did Fred Mac Murray on My Three Sons. Most of our fathers had their "workshop" in a corner of the garage or basement. Now we have "manspace", and everything old is new again?

In case you haven't guessed it from the name, manspace is a gender based housing idea that is getting some media attention lately, but as we think about it, has actually been around for a long time. Simply, it is the private or semi private place where the man of the house hangs out, relaxes, maybe pursues his hobby, determines its character, and is the gatekeeper as well.

By 2007, the idea has been reborn and reshaped, to the point where it is a trend, and actually needs its own name. The term was apparently coined, by author Sam Martin, who wrote the book, with the presumably, hopefully, tongue in cheek title, Manspsace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory . The modern manspace, as we shall see, can be simple as in days of old, but also elaborate and upscale.

The Washington Post reported in February, 2007 that Real estate author Mark Nash had surveyed more than 900 real estate agents to spot new housing trends:
Among those pinpointed, he said: Men are looking for "personal dedicated space," where they can go and work on projects, entertain their friends, or "chill without being disturbed, and if so, only in an emergency."
USA Today has covered the book and the idea in terms of five classic guy places from pop culture, such as the back room at The Bada Bing, (Sopranos).

MSN has an article online that looks at a variety of ways to do this in the home. Some are humble with costs of just a few hundred dollars.

Then there is the guy who turned his unfinished basement into a movie theater modeled after the bridge of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Here is a link to a MSN slideshow on various man places and 6 tips on creating and keeping a manspace.

We will end with a 3 minute interview with Manspace author Sam Martin found on Google for those interested.

An old idea comes of age.

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