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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Housing Market: Review, Overview, and a Few Tea Leaves


Sunday video over coffee seems to be an evolving trend on this blog, so here we go with a few minutes of overview on the market.

First, from NBC's Today Show, a visit with Barbara Corcoran, and a decent survey of big picture factors. It's all about supply and demand, as we shall see.
4 mins and 43 seconds:

Contextual Background Needed: A bit less positive, but firmly grounded in the law of supply and demand. In spite of drastically falling production, inventories and number of months supply remain well above the 2006 highs.

It also needs to be pointed out that falling prices under this scenario should not be viewed as a positive sign, (this is spin), but rather, as the statistical anomaly that they are.

New numbers for July, 2007 will be out in the last week of August. This blog will address any changes in the national supply/demand picture at that point.

Next, from The Wall Street Journal, a visit with Doug Duncan of the Mortgage Bankers' Association, who delves into the realm of review, and forecasting.

Again however, he speaks the simple language of supply and demand, mostly without spin, and just a few "carefully chosen" words to our ears.

3 mins 43 seconds

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