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Friday, August 24, 2007

Faking It In Asheville: Home Staging


It's nice to be ahead of the big blogs every now and then. For example, in this earlier posting, we discussed the idea of staging in general, specifically the aspect known as faux staging.

What is faux staging? Simply, it springs from the often recited premise that an empty home takes longer to sell, and ultimately sells at a lower price. Faux staging fills up an empty home for sale with fake furniture. The corollary here from professional stagers is that the a home actually looks larger when it has "furniture", and also appears more, umm..homey.

Zillow Blog did a story on faux staging in this posting, which also included some statistics:
The U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reports that staged homes sell an average of 17% higher than the listing price, which is why the home staging business is booming. But what if you don’t have a lot of cash....
If a home for sale is empty, either because the sellers have relocated, or the home is new construction, then enter, Fake, gotta love it. Cardboard furniture to take up space, make the home appear larger, and more personal.

It looks like the costs are significantly less than leasing furniture for a few months in order to prepare a home for sale. In one of those Barbara Corcoran videos, there is a figure mentioned of $3,800 for a 3 month furniture lease. The NY Times mentions a figure of $500/month in their market to lease a living room alone. The fake stuff sure looks like it costs less. Consider what is best for you.

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