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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Asheville, Anywhere: Staging a Home for Sale on $500


Bette Davis, unlike many actors, was ever willing to look less than beautiful for the sake of a good role. (That's her in the photos). A home for sale probably does not have the same luxury. The effect of a little sprucing up can be significant.

Last Sunday we looked at the impact of staging a home for sale on a budget of only $100.00. Let's up the ante this week, and see what kinds of curb appeal can be accomplished with $500.00. A video from NBC's Today Show to this effect appears below.

If you are new to the idea of staging a home for sale, it is a current "hot topic", and interest is motivated by the soft buyers' market. Staging is said to be a way to separate one's home from the many others currently on the market. Commonly cited staging statistics include:
--Reduces time on market by as much as 100 days.
--Results in a higher selling price of 7% on average.
--Return on Investment, (ROI), averages 100%, that is a 2 dollar increase in a home's value for every dollar spent on staging.

We have looked a good bit at staging AND home improvement as resources for sellers on this blog, with a special eye towards the all important ROI. Topics covered here have included everything from home renovation scams, to fireplaces. Probably at this location, one will find our "master" staging/renovation/ROI posting up to now if interested.

PLEASE NOTE: Videos do disappear from the web from time to time. If this video should become unavailable, then find many more Barbara Corcoran videos on staging at this location.

5 minutes and 6 seconds on Staging a small NY apartment for sale. Good ideas for any home for any home with some small rooms, or homes that tend to be dark.

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Anonymous Marci said...

I know of a Great Stager in the Western North Carolina area. Her name is Leslie Godbold of Asheville Stagers. Leslie has assisted several realtors in the Asheville area. You may want to contact her to get some pricing.
Her tag ine is :
"Their First Impression is Important , Let Us Create It"

6:33 PM  
Anonymous rachel b said...

Staging really does work. The numbers don't lie. I love your vintage ladies! My office walls are smothered in black in whites of a few classy gals (mostly Marilyn). Please check out my 50's inspired website for some stats on staging.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Tom Ploski said...

Thanks for finding us, your comments provide added information for our readers and are appreciated.

5:55 AM  

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