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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Staging a Home For Sale on $100


Today, an illustrative video to watch over coffee, and a good collection of resources.

After thinking about the dismal picture that the recent national housing statistics paint for sellers, it seems appropriate to once more review some information about staging a home for sale. Many claims are made by the industry, among the most popular are that implementation can reduce time on market by as much as 100 days, and as a bonus, result in a higher selling price.

Not to sound like a commercial for staging, but two things stand out about the process to our eyes. First, with little investment, the concept can yield financial returns, (ROI), and second, it does not have to cost tons of money. In fact, as we noted in this earlier posting on our blog, it is the small investments that result in the largest ROI's. But what exactly are the items that a seller should look at first, what is the cost, and what is the ROI?

Here are a series links of on staging:
From Our Blog: Staging overview, do it yourself items, and the amusing, yet effective idea of "faux staging".

General Concepts for any do it yourselfer on staging.

From A nicely detailed but easy read on the basics.

From Our Blog: Best and Worst ROI's, including little ways to save big.

From Our Blog: More favorable ROI suggestions.

From a Home Stager: Commonly cited ROI's for a variety of projects, including an average 7% increase in selling price over non-staged homes. Includes the all important idea that staging should occur early in the listing process. The basic argument here is to get the impact right away, as opposed to spending money on "an old listing". As the number of days on market rises for a home, that item becomes a factor for leverage against sellers.

From Personal Finance Advice
: Complete with charts, this article examines ROI's for a number of basic improvements in multiple markets across the country.

From A "Home Sale Maximizer" tool that calculates best ROI's for any items that might need attention within the context of staging.

And finally, the centerpiece, a Barbara Corcoran video on Staging for $100.00, from The Today Show.

PLEASE NOTE: Videos do disappear from the web from time to time. If this video should become unavailable, then please find more Barbara Corcoran staging videos at this location.

ENJOY ! 6 mins 6 seconds

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