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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby Boomer Fun: This Week's Installment - Barbara Lynn 1962


It has been said more than once that 1939 was Hollywood's greatest year, and there is indeed quite a list of films from that year to support the idea. See any of those movies, you won't be disappointed.

After looking around for this week's Baby Boomer Fun posting, I am tempted to say that 1962 was to rock and roll, what 1939 was to film. What a year for hit records. Just look at this week by week listing of the Cashbox #1 Song, every one dominated the airwaves, and stays with us to this day.

The tune we feature this week is from Barbara Lynn, entitled, "(If You Should Lose Me), You'll Lose a Good Thing". It clocked in at #72 for the year on Billboard. The song haunted the Top 5 during the summer and fall of that year, along with such classics as, "Soldier Boy", "Twist and Shout", "The Alley Cat", "I Can't Stop Loving You", "Roses Are Red My Love", "Locomotion", "Sherry", "Monster Mash", "Johnny Angel", "Mashed Potato Time", "The Twist", and "Big Girls Don't Cry", just to name a few. Whoa.

Barbara Lynn's performance here is precious, it is live, no lip syncing, unadorned by modern digital trickery, and is one of the great pieces of early 1960's video out there for me.

Billboard Top 50: 1962

Barbara Lynn On Wikipedia

"Lost Legends": From Blogcritics, a 2004 article on Barbara.

Barbara's "Comeback" She was 20, when this song hit the charts.

PLEASE NOTE: Videos do disappear from the web from time to time. If this video should become unavailable, then please find more Barbara Lynn, including the studio version of this song, and a great version of "What I'd Say", at this link.

ENJOY! 2 mins 57 secs.

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