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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Asheville: Homeowners on Buying or Selling Golf Course Homes & Property


Asheville and Wolf Laurel are havens for golf communities and golf course homes. It is surprising though, how few real resources there are on the web that give information about buying golf course homes and lots. In fact, as this is written, (07/24/07), there are only 96 blogs devoted to "golf + real estate" in the Technorati Blog Finder.

Most of what one finds on this matter would be somewhat shallow articles on commercial websites with an overriding agenda to sell something. Our philosophy here, since the blog was launched has been to provide information alone, so here goes.

Let us turn to some insider impressions gathered from savvy local residents, some of whom have owned as many as five or six different golf homes throughout the Southeast:

-View From the Green:
For many it seemed that a home on the green was an ideal situation. One owner went so far as to say, "to be able to sit on your porch and watch the ball roll onto the green is the place you want to be, it's prime for us."

-View From the Tee:
For other owners the consensus favored living on the tee, which went something along these lines. "If you're a more social kind of person, then being on the tee is the place where you want to have your house."

-About Greens, Tees, and Cart Paths:
All agreed that dust and noise were potential considerations. Whether cart paths are paved or gravel will have an impact on both of these things around the home. As one owner pointed out, noise and dust are also issues with respect to course upkeep. "Not just carts, but leaf blowers around greens and fairways are definitely something to think about. For our home in South Carolina, we usually have the windows closed for the air conditioner, so it's not a big thing there, but in the mountains where people don't use AC, then you have to think about that."

About Buffers:
Buffers against noise or dust were considered essential. Let's simply listen to an experienced golf course homeowner. "You need buffers between the course and your home for noise and dust and all that. We have some big trees, and that really gives you the best situation for a home in my opinion."

About the Watering System and "Recycled Water":
The owners mentioned, surely a sign of the times, that "recycled water" is used for fairways and greens on some courses. What this means is that the water is only partially treated, and the possibility of an effluent-like odor is there. Sounds like a useful item to know.

We will visit more thoughts about owning a golf course home in future postings.

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