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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Asheville, Anywhere: Home Renovations & ROI Vol 2

Home improvement, and ROI, (Return on Investment), are parts of the equation for buyers, sellers, and homeowners, not only in greater Asheville, but anywhere. Therefore, we have visited a number of renovation ideas on this blog.

For this Saturday, we return to the topic and deliver just a short posting with an easy video, (3 mins 20 seconds), to watch over coffee. The specific area discussed is getting the most money back for a variety of common home improvements.

In the video, the inimitable Al Roker from The Today Show interviews a home stager who seems to get a lot of airtime in the media, Barbara Corcoran. Barbara examines and discusses the cost and the ROI for decks, fireplaces, laundry rooms, 2 car garages, and the kitchen. In some cases, and this is a statistic that is commonly cited, the ROI can be 2:1. Hard to argue with doubling one's money.

We have previously looked at some of these areas on our blog, here are the links for those interested: (Open in New Windows)
Home Improvement Scams
About Fireplaces
Five Home Improvement Fads
Best and Worst Home Improvement Ideas For Return on Investment

PLEASE NOTE: Videos do disappear from the web from time to time. If this video should become unavailable, then please find more Barbara Corcoran at this location.

ENJOY ! 3 mins 20 secs

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