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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Asheville and Surroundings: Mountain Landscaping Ideas and Events


A few weeks ago, we wrote about the wisdom and benefits of landscaping in the mountains with native plants. Who could argue with the concepts of low upkeep, soil stabilization, and so forth? Let us look today, with an eye towards a home's value, and then, some added native plant resources.

Adding Value
From Money CNN: Seven landscaping tips to add, and even increase in value over time. A useful article because it applies to sellers with ideas to implement "if you are selling within a year", and applies also to buyers/homeowners with more long term suggestions for adding to a home's financial as well as aesthetic luster.

Landscaping That Sells: From, includes "6 Practical Project Ideas", and a reasonable amount of depth in a format that speaks to all sides of a real estate transaction.

From The Wall Street Journal: For those selling in a hurry, quick fixes in the yard that sell homes.

Local Landscaping Links & Events
Analyzing Your Mountain Homestead -- First Steps to Landscaping: From the Botanical Gardens of Asheville, and said to be their most popular recurring workshop. Tuesday, Sept 11 and 18, from 9 am-noon OR Saturday, Sept 22 and 29, from 9 am-noon. Contact Clare, Administrative Assistant at BGA, for additional information and/or to pre-register (828) 252-5190.

North Carolina Native Plant Society: A wealth of online resources from "Landscaping With Native Plants" to species that are best avoided.

USDA Plants Database: Vast number of tools and downloads for mountain landscapers.

Rare Editorial Comment
Do it right, the Southern Appalachians absolutely teem with natural year round colors. Let's not be like those people in Vegas a few years ago who have to be persuaded that having lush tropical yards is not quite consistent with a desert environment.

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