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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Resources For Second Home Owners, Buyers and Sellers
Intsallment # 1

Postings such as this one will be added, amended, and referenced by link from time to time as new developments and information about the ownership and purchase of second homes evolves.

"For Buyers": Basic primers, calculators, dictionaries, law, and news on real estate pertinent to home buyers can be found at our Black Bear Realty page.

Second Home Insurance Tips: Save on Homeowners Insurance with a number of often overlooked items. These include a 10% discount for gated communities, some issues relating to rural fire departments, and second home monitoring via the web. This last idea has been addressed in detail by this blog HERE.

Real Living Blog: A 4 part series on purchasing a second home, fairly extensive in its scope.

Courtesy of Inman Blog: Basic Home Defect Categories:
A useful index of items to bear in mind for buyers, homeowners, and for that matter sellers as they ponder the preparation of their home for marketing.

Zillow Home Inspection Guide
: Again, a tool for buyers and sellers on their respective ends of a transaction. A tool for homeowners with respect to general upkeep of a second home.

Outline of "The Buying Process": A Good collection of links from the Zillow Real Estate Wiki.

Outline of "The Selling Process": Useful checklist for sellers, and hopefully a way to keep your realtor on his or her toes.

Monthly Home Maintenence Schedule: Lists those small but easily forgotten items of basic upkeep.

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