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Friday, June 08, 2007

Professionally Staging A Home For Sale: Valid Industry or Just Paying For Common Sense?

I will confess that I formerly harbored a less than elevated opinion of those who make a science out of staging homes for sale. My too quick reaction was always something along the lines of "Do I or my clients really need to pay someone for the common sense advice to clean the bathrooms and rake the yard?"

Some time ago however, I perused the home staging blogosphere and found some quite valid insights into the sales process. The observations of these folks are the kinds of things that are still largely common sense, but might easily be overlooked and I humbly stand corrected. Professional staging, like most things I suppose, is something that might be right for some clients after all.

There are some parts of selling a home that involve valid psychology, and a knowledge thereof. If you are a do it yourself type, then definitely do take the time to ponder some of these resources and execute accordingly with your realtor. If you tend to be a delegating type, then by all means, contact us for local staging practitioners and referrals.

Resources For Sellers & Brief Commentary

The Sellers Road Map: A useful primer/introduction in order for you to maximize one of the 5 most important decisions you and your family will ever make, to sell your home. This comes from, and while I have previously contended here, that zillow is NOT the place to go for home valuations, their "wiki pages" are a treasure trove of fundamental information.

Do It Yourself Staging Tips: Everything from new bath towels to colored coat hangers in closets.

Faux Staging: I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this procedure. These are excellent and inexpensive ideas for new construction, or for those who must "pre-pack" to move. We have been approached by firms of this nature in our market, so please feel free to contact us.

From Inman Blog: A whole set of search results on the pros and cons of staging.

The Best For Last: Two great points, that staging will allow sellers to target their buyers by furnishing in the appropriate manner and style. Second and most valid point is that staging "neutralizes" the home.
Staging neutralizes your home so that buyers feel relaxed and comfortable while viewing it. If a home is too personalized, buyers will feel as if they are invading your privacy, making them feel awkward about being there.

Awkward buyers do not buy.

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