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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home Insurance: A Collection of Quick Thoughts for the Weekend


When signing out from hotmail, the MSN home page inevitably comes up. So I decided to look around the MSN Real Estate Section, and collect a few items about home owners' insurance.

In an earlier posting, I briefly mentioned some aspects of saving on second home insurance costs. Examples mentioned at that time included, a deduction for gated communities, certain considerations for rural fire departments, as well as deductions for monitoring one's second home in real time from afar via the capabilities of the Internet. Those resources are available here, in a new window.

Today's posting takes a broader look at insurance, and hopefully includes some easily missed details.

12 ways to save on homeowners insurance:
A very general checklist, some of which are elementary, such as to shop around, or to raise deductibles. The author mentions getting quotes online, be aware however that it is normal for such quote portals to require registration, and be prepared for email and phone calls. All in all, the information is not especially deep, but would serve as a useful reference to buyers and owners.

Is your home underinsured? 8 key tests:
As with any article of thisnature, some of the items are obvious, such as insuring for replacement cost, while others are more intricate, for example:
Homeowners are often lulled into complacency because they have "guaranteed replacement" or "extended replacement" policies, which sound like they'll rebuild a home regardless of the cost, said attorney Amy Bach of United Policyholders, an advocacy group for insurance consumers.

But true guaranteed-replacement policies are almost extinct, and virtually all insurers cap the payouts at 100% to 150% of the amount for which the home is insured.

The author here goes on to mention thinking seriously about the contents of one's home, which leads me to a couple of other resources for buyers and owners.

Insuring those pricey possessions:

As a former working musician, who actually sustained damage to an expensive instrument, I would suggest reading the linked article.

Lastly, no real estate blog in a second home market could pretend to be complete without:

20 insurance tips for empty-nesters:
Covers a lot of ground here from auto, to health, to a child's dorm room.

And,since insurance is all about disasters, large and small, it is fitting to end with:

10 after-the-disaster do's and don'ts:
A mixture of personal safety and insurance advice.

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