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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Going Green in Asheville, NC: A Point of View & Resources


It is really a shame that the words "going green" carry such politically and emotionally charged rhetoric. In my opinion, going green is not political at all. It is a personal decision to reduce costs, and this is a basic premise in a capitalist society. It is also a decision to save money, a key component of self reliance, and these are two of America's core values, are they not?

Buying a home is one of the longest of long term investments that many people will ever make, and so, the decision to reduce the costs of operation, (capitalism), and to save money, (self reliance), should be key, and maybe some green items will work for you.

The Basic Formula
The arithmetic of green decisions in the home is not unlike making a teenager understand that the 5 Liter Mustang may have a lower purchase price than the Chevrolet, but the cost of operation needs to be added. And so it is with green homes, it is the cost of installation plus cost of operation over time that will serve individual buyers and homeowners best.

My only point is to decide what is best for you.

From Mountain Express: A very large list of local resources and information for Western North Carolina, including some items not commonly mentioned such as matters of indoor air quality.

From NAR: A very short read summarizing some basic statistics and trends.

From Realtor Magazine: The best parts of this article are down the page where many simple aspects of homes are mentioned including the efficiency of copper roofs, windows, LED lighting, timber framing, low flow baths,and more.

From The NY Times: (Registration Required):
This one is from second home specialist, Amy Gunderson who has been cited by us before. I was glad to see this summary of the necessary point of view when considering green aspects of homes:
“You are not going to find the price-sensitive shopper in our stores,” said Lisa DiMartino, the vice president for marketing of Environmental Home Center, a green-home retailer with stores in Seattle and in Portland and Bend, Ore. “These are materials that are durable. You are going to pay for that. But the cost in the long run can be less than other products you are going to have to replace.
Just about says it all right there.

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